The First 5 Things You Need To Be Doing Every Morning

At GYST we know that even the most ambitious women can never reach her potential if she doesn’t take care of her body.  Seriously.

How are you going to be CEO, Editor in Chief or Founder if you don’t have the clarity and energy to make it through the day?  If you want to see your dollars double, find your creative self, and stop living with brain fog, low energy and mood swings-then you’ve got to Get Your Shit Together.  If you don’t think that health and wellness have anything to do with productivity or success then you’d better just get yourself a reality check.  What’s the one thing that the most successful women on the planet have in common?  That’s right.  They take care of themselves.  If you want to do your best then you’d better be your best, starting the moment you wake up.  Here’s our top 5 things you MUST do every morning to set yourself up for a successful, goal-smashing, and healthy day.

  • First, and we mean this literally…Be an adult and make your bed.  The moment you finish this task, you’ll be amazed at how motivated you will be to check off another, and another, and another.  Just do it, and trust us.
  • Next, drink up some sweet H20.  You’ve been deprived of water for 8 hours (you are getting enough sleep, right?), your body NEEDS some of this liquid magic.  Your metabolism and brain will thank you.
  • Now, take a look at your day.  Not at your Instagram, not at your e-mail.  Your calendar and your to-do list. What are your priorities today?  What must you get done, what can wait until you’ve finished other tasks and what will you do for you today?  Organize and prioritize, go into your day with a plan, and leave the day feeling accomplished and like a women who’s getting  her shit together.
  • Set an intention to move your body.  If you don’t plan it, you likely won’t do it.  Set an alarm, make a workout date with a friend, sign up for a class, or amp up your usual dog-walking session.
  • Consume energy.  What you put into your body directly effects what you will get out of your body, so quit the shit and stop eating breakfast cereal (what are you, like 12?).  Sugar is not your friend, sugar.  Most specifically not in the morning and most specifically not the refined stuff.  Instead try oatmeal with chopped dates, a tofu scramble, avocado and tomato on ciabatta, a loaded smoothie, or breakfast veggie burrito.  You want to be a real woman?  EAT LIKE ONE!

There it is.  It’s really not hard, it’s actually the easiest thing you’ll do all day.  The trick is to make like Nike and Just Do It.  Start by setting your alarm a few minutes earlier and practice these 5 things until it becomes routine.  Then, take note of how good you feel for having taken this advice.

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